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-Hans Christian Andersen

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's Canning Season!

It's time to visit farmer's markets, go berry picking, and enjoy all the fruits and vegetables that you have been missing throughout the winter months.  The season is short so you'll have to be quick and gather up your bounty and prepare and preserve it to extend the enjoyment of all those wonderful flavors...that means canning or freezing if you prefer.

I am no expert when it comes to canning so this post is not a "how to" for "putting food by".  I read all that I can find on the subject and listen carefully to those who wish to share their expertise with me, then I set about putting what I learn into practice.  I enjoy the process, literally.

With all the necessary tools in place, I start my canning season with one of my favorite fruits...Strawberries.  I wash, cut the stems off, and plop them in my food processor and pulse just to the consistency that I like.  They are then placed in a handy dandy little contraption that I just this Spring found out about, its the Jam and Jelly Maker by Ball, I use my favorite recipe and in 21 minutes I have jam that is ready to be processed in my water bath canner.  10 minutes later, I have summer in a jar...so good, especially in my yogurt.

I hope you are enjoying the season and will take a couple of hours out of your day to bring the time honored tradition of canning/preserving to your kitchen.



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