"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly. "One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

-Hans Christian Andersen

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Looking Through The Window

Looking through my sun room window I see that the creek has overflowed a bit.  You can see the shimmer of the water in the sunlight.

It reminds me of how nature can alter things, change the landscape, change lives.  The tornadoes that ripped through the South left so many people devastated; my heart and prayers go out to them.  looking at this little overflow of water, I realize that it could be so much more than that, but as you can see in the photos below, Thistle Creek returned to normal without any help from anyone.

 Each day the trees get fuller and the woodland plantings that were so tiny when we installed them, they sprawl and thrive with very little care.  They provide a home for the birds and visual enjoyment for us.

I carried that viburnum in one hand when I brought it home.  I think it likes it here.

There are two extremely large butterfly bushes on each side of the virburnum.  I look forward to their blossoms.  They attract humming birds, and of course, butterflies.  I'm just about finished with my tea and it's time for me to get back to working on my slipcovers.  I hope to be able to show them to you soon.  They are turning out to be more work than I thought but that's ok, I'm enjoying the journey.

Have a great week.  Thanks so much for sharing tea with me today.

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Terri said...

You have such a lovely blog! Your home and tea setting too, are beautiful! The tea cup you have shared today is very pretty. I love the embossed plate (is the cup too?) and the delicate rose on cream. It is a perfectly gorgeous cup!

I have been thinking of slipcovering my couch. I think it may be a huge undertaking, so I will be interested to see how yours turn out.

Shirley said...

How wonderful nature is..and I'm so happy that your threat of water went elsewhere. Everything is so pretty!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

The look out of your window is magnificent! Seems like you live in a wonderful little corner of the world, Vee.
Have a happy midweek ahead xx

CIELO said...

How lovely, wish I could have a creek in my backyard... how fortunate you are! I'm sharing tea today! Come visit! ;)


Poppy said...

You have such a beautiful blog and I love the quote at the top and your style of writing. The view from your window is so lovely! I love how you displayed the dainty tea cup and your vignette. I'm one of your neighbors at Sherry's Open House Party and your newest follower. Would love you to be mine. I am looking forward to seeing your slipcovers.Have a nice day!~Poppy


Emily said...

HI, I'm visiting over from SSS and just want to say how much love your blog. Your header photo is so lovely and I love you added the quote. Looking out your window is I see how lovely your gardens are, and your vignette has such a sweet tea cup. Nice to meet you.

The French Hutch

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!

Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch.

elizabeth said...

Enjoyed sharing your tea time with you! Thanks for your kind comment on my shelf makeover!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Thanks for coming over and leaving such good words! So nice to hear. You have such beautiful and lush surroundings! I love your tea table today, and have I already said that I love that Spode tea cup pattern? I have just the teacup. I'll have to cast around to replace the saucer. I love the lacy details, and the rose detail on the handle.

Kathy said...

Love your woodland garden - so beautiful! You've done a marvelous job creating it - and I too think of the changes in some people's lives due to the severity of the recent weather - we've been blessed and we thank God every day!
Hope you have a marvelous weekend,

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